Nina AnjapharidzeNina Anjapharidze will chair the discussion on Women In Georgian Cinema on Sunday 29th September at 2.30pm at Riverside Studios. Nina has worked closely with the British Georgian Society since the 2nd London BGS Georgian Film Festival 2010. 

Nina Anjapharidze (1959, Tbilisi) graduated from the Georgian University of Theatre and Cinema in 1983 and did a master's degree in art management at the Caucasus Spring University. Since 2005 she has been head of film exports at the Georgian National Film Centre and director of the Tbilisi International Film festival since 2002. She has lectured in the history of European theatre at the Georgian University of Theatre and Film, and organized various projects including the Georgian Cultural Week in Great Britain 2001 and the Irish Theatre Directing Workshop 2001. 


Rusudan ChkoniaRusudan Chkonia will be in London for a Q & A after the screening of her film Keep Smiling (Gaigimet) on Monday 30th September at 3.45pm at Riverside Studios

Rusudan Chkonia (1978, Tbilisi) is a Georgian screenwriter and director. She graduated from the Georgian Shota Rustaveli State University of Theatre and Film with a degree in directing. Her graduation film Children Without a Name won several international awards. Keep Smiling has had much recognition at various festivals including the Venice Days 2012 (a parallel programme to the Venice Film Festival).

Nick Davitashvili

Nick Davitashvili (1980, Tbilisi) is performing with the Reso Kiknadze Trio at the screening of My Grandmother (Chemi Bebia) on Wednesday 2nd October at the Dash Cafe.

Nick Davitashvili (Tbilisi) is a Georgian multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and recording artist. Aged 19 he picked up a guitar to play for a local noise-rock band, but eventually moved on to study bass, Indian Tabla, Sitar and Oud. In recent years he has incorporated electronic and software instruments. Collaborators include Guram Machavariani, Rain Sultanov, Nick Tsereteli, Natuka Natsvlishvili, Independent Workshop, Dull Harmony and in July, 2012 he took an active role in studio album recordings as a guitarist and electronic musician for Z for Zulu with 140db Management Company and award nominated producer Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo, John Cale, Goldfrapp).

Ioseb GelovaniIoseb Gelovani is performing with the Reso Kiknadze Trio at the screening of My Grandmother (Chemi Bebia) on Wednesday 2nd October at the Dash Cafe.

Ioseb Gelovani (1991, Tbilisi) studied music since he was 6 years old – classical piano for 8 years, drums for 6 months, classical guitar for a year and since the age of 17 has played electric bass. Graduated from the Ilia State University, Tbilisi, focusing on acoustic and electric composition. Special events include festival dedicated to Liszt’s 200th anniversary, Composition Competition 2012 “Autumn of Japan” and  Black Sea Jazz Festival 2013.

Lana GogoberidzeLana Gogoberidze will be in London to talk about Women In Georgian Cinema on Sunday September 29th at 2.30pm at Riverside Studios, followed by a screening of Nutsa Ghoghoberidze's 1930 film Buba which Lana will introduce.

Lana Gogoberidze (Tbilisi, 1928) graduated from the Tbilisi State University (Department of the English Language and Literature) in 1955. She wrote her dissertation on Social Nature and Walt Whitman’s Poetry and had two collections of poetry translations of Walt Whitman and R.Tagore published. In 1958, she graduated from the Department of Filmmaking of the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Between 1958 and 1992 she shot the following feature films: Under One Sky, See the Sun, Frontiers, When Almonds Blossomed, The Waltz on the Pechora, Some Interviews on Personal Questions, The Little Incident, Whirlwind and Day is Longer than Night selected for the Cannes Film Festival 1984. She holds the State Award of the USSR (1979), State Award of Georgian SSR (1984), People’s Artist of Republic of Georgia and Order of Honour. In 1988, she was elected President of the International Association of Women Directors with headquarters in London. She has been a jury panel member and chair at many international film festivals. She was elected to the Parliament of Georgia in 1992-1995 and in 2004 served as Georgia's Ambassador to France. In recognition of her efforts in filmmaking, poetry, translation and in promoting Georgia-France friendship, Lana Gogoberidze received the French National Order of the Legion of Honour in 1997.

Tinatin GurchianiTinatin Gurchiani will be in London for a Q & A after the screening of her film The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear on Sunday 29th September at 5.00pm at Riverside Studios

Tinatin Gurchiani (1973, Tbilisi) is a  director, writer and producer. She graduated from Tbilisi State University and went on to postgraduate study at the Faculty of Psychology at Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg (Germany) and the University of Graz (Austria). She also studied Film and TV Direction at the Film and Television University Konrad Wolf, Germany. She has won several awards for her documentary and feature films including the Sundance Film Festival 2013 World Cinema Directing award for The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear.

Kakhi KavsadzeKakhi Kavsadze is one of Georgia's leading actors of both stage and screen. He will be here to present Will There Be a Theatre Up There?! on Monday 30th September at Riverside Studios

Kakhi Kavsadze (1935, Tkibuli) graduated from the Tbilisi Theatre Institute in 1959. Since 1959 he is been one of the leading actors of the Rusataveli Theatre Company and was made a Peoples Artist Of the Georgian SSR (1981). His principle roles include Adam (Devine Comedy), Devdariani (Bill of Indictment), Iliko (Me, Grandmother, Iliko and Ilarioni), Simon Chachava (Caucasian Chalk Circle), Lord Hastings (Richard the Third), Kent (King Lear) and Rasputin (Kvachi Kvachantiradze). He has appeared in over 50 films since 1957, including the role of Black Abdullah in White Sun of the Desert (1969) and Don Quixote in the life of Don Quixote and Sancho (1988). Between 1974-1980 he appeared in a series of 9 popular films scripted by Rezo Gabriadze, playing a character called Kakha.

Reso KiknadzeReso Kiknadze will be performing his score for My Grandmother (Chemi Bebia) with the Reso Kiknadze Trio at the Dash Cafe on Wednesday 2nd October, and playing for the special screening of the 5 minutes of archive footage from Vasil Amashukeli from 1907.

Reso Kiknadze (1960, Tbilisi) studied classical philology at the Tbilisi State University (diploma 1982, played saxophone in the Georgian TV Big Band and the Conservatory Jazz Quintet, performing at various festivals in Tbilisi, Tallin, Vilnius, etc. 1981-90 composition studies under Michael Shugliashvili. 1986-90 Tbilisi Consevatory studying composition and Georgian traditional music, member of the Anchiskhati Cathedral Choir in Tbilisi. 1991 studied composition under Friedhel Doehl at the Music Academy, Lübeck. Also Electroacoustic music under Dirk Reith. 1992-94 member of the improvisation ensemble 'Nuova Sonanza', collaboration with "tatoeba - theatre dance grotesque", a German-Japanese contemporary dance company. Since 2000 has collaborated with TanzOrt Nord, a contemporary dance company in Lübeck. 2002 founded 'Resolution Group', a free electroacoustic improvisation ensemble. 2007 co-organised the Swiss-Georgian contemporary music festival 'close encounters'. Currently professor for Electroacoustic Music at the Ilia State University in Tbilisi, Georgia and rector of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. Have performed as saxophonist and computer musician all over the world. Composer and coauthor of many projects with dance, visual arts, poetry, theatre and cinema. Film nclude Gzajvaredini (Crossroad) 1991 dir. Levan Kitia, Khakhvis cremlebi (Onion Tears) 2002 dir, Levan Glonti - shown at the 2005 BGS Georgian Film Festival, Shin da ukan (Home And Back) 2004 dir. Levan Glonti, Das Elternhaus (Parents’ House) 2005 dir. Hening Timm, Guchis dgheebi (Street Days) 2010 dir. Levan Koguashvili (which opened the 2nd BGS Georgian Film Festival) and Jim Shvanthe (Salt for Svaneti) 1930, dir. Mikhail Kalatozov given it's World premiere at the 2nd BGS Film Festival.

Giorgi Levashov-TumanishviliGiorgi Levashov-Tumanishvili  will be in London for a Q & A after the World Premiere of his latest film Prêt à Vivre - Ready to Live which will open the 3rd London BGS Georgian Film Festival on Thursday September 26th at 6.30pm at Riverside Studios.

Giorgi Levashov-Tumanishivili (1943, Tbilisi) is the creator of many well-known films. Script-writer and director of the first Anglo-Georgian co productions, Wanted: Marjory and Oliver, a drama-documentary, (Channel 4, UK, Georgian State TV) and Lucky Village (Channel 4, UK, Moon Globe Productions, Georgia). Founder and director of the film studio Moon Globe Productions (1988).

Keti MachavarianiKeti Machavariani will be here for a Q & A after the screening of her film Salt White (Marilivit tetri) on Saturday 28th September at 3.45pm at Riverside Studios.

Keti Machavariani (1972, Tbilisi) graduated from Tbilisi State University, Art department, in 1995 and continued her studies at the State University of Film and Theatre, specialising in Film Direction, graduating in 2002. She has directed several short films, directed and produced TV programmes and also worked as assistant director for several feature films. Salt White is her debut full-length feature. You can read a review by BGS member Ben Pearce-Higgins here.

Aka MorchiladzeAka Morchiladze has been specially commissioned to prepare English subtitles for the 1938 Georgian classic Lost Paradise (Dakarguli samotkhe) which he will also introduce. 

Aka Morchiladze (1966, Tbilisi) is the pen name of Giorgi Akhvlediani, a Georgian writer who has written some of the best-selling prose of post-Soviet Georgian literature. Morchiladze’s work shows Georgian literature's recent reorientation towards Western influences. In the early 1990s, he worked as a journalist for tabloids, later as a football columnist for daily newspapers. He now lives in London as a freelance author, writing essays and columns in numerous Georgian magazines and newspapers. Morchiladze has published more than 30 books aince 1994 and he has won SABA, the major Georgian literary award for Novel of The Year, five times. Some of his novels have been filmed and staged including Journey To Karabakh (1992), made into the 2005 film directed by Levan Tutberidze and shown in the BGS Georgian Film festival 2005.

Maia NaverianiMaia Naveriani, a London based Georgian artist, will be exhibiting jointly with Maya Sumbadze in the Riverside Studios Gallery from 26th - 30th September  to tie in with the 3rd London BGS Georgian Film FestivalFuture Wolves and Chicks So Far is a series of large pencil drawings exploring the female subject through the artists own cultural memory fragments as well as the contemporary socio-cultural ‘jungle’: ‘As a woman artist I have an unavoidable instinctive tendency to first of all address the queries about female identity and consciousness, and its relevance and impact in a contemporary context of dissolved values and ideologies, to reflect on the endless attempts of many "Little Red Riding Hoods" to leave home, walk through the threatening forest, swallow a wolf (and a grandmother)…and never look back...’  Here is link to a CV and some images.

Maia Naveriani (1966,Tbilisi) has lived and worked in London since 1990 having studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art 1985-1990. She has cARTveliexhibited in many cities including London, New York, Amsterdam, Bologna, Wiesbaden, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Antwerp and Liverpool.

The exhibition is being sponsored by the cARTveli group established to promote Georgian artists on the international art scene. 

Merab NinidzeMerab Ninidze plays the role of Konstantin in Dito Tsintsadze's film Invasion which will be given it's UK Premiere on Sunday 29th September at 8.00pm as part of the 3rd London BGS Georgian Film Festival at Riverside Studios. Merab will also be here for a Q & A after the screening. 

Merab Ninidze (1965, Tbilisi) comes from a theatrical family who studied at the Academy of Performing Art and Film, Tbilisi (1982-1984). His first stage role was in 1979 in a production of Richard III and his first screen role was in Tengiz Abuladze's film Repentance. He moved to Vienna in 1994 after he played his first German speaking role in Florian Flicker's film Halbe Welt. He played the lead role of Walter Redlich in Caroline Link's 2002 film Nowhere In Africa which won the OSCAR for Best Foreign Language Film 2003.

Eldar ShengelaiaEldar Shengelaia was 80 earlier this year and we are delighted that he will be our guest of honour at the 3rd London BGS Georgian Film Festival. Eldar will be here for a Q & A after the screening of his 1968 film An Unusual Exhibition (Arachveulebrivi gamopena) on Monday 30th September at 8.15pm at Riverside Studios

Eldar Shengalaia (1933, Tbilisi) whose father was the film director Nikoloz Shengelaia, mother the actress Nato Vachnadze and his brother is the filmmaker Giorgi Shenglaia, is a Georgian film director and screenwriter, who directed ten films between 1957 and 1996. His most famous films are An Unusual Exhibition (1968) and Blue Mountains, or An Unbelievable Story (1983). From 1990 to 2004 he was a member of the Parliament of Georgia. He has been awarded the titles of the People’s Artist of Georgia (1979) and of the Soviet Union(1988).

Maya SumbadzeTo tie in with the 3rd London BGS Georgian Film Festival, there will be a special exhibition in the Riverside Studios Gallery from 26th - 30th September. We are delighted to welcome Tbilisi artist Maya Sumbadze, who will be exhibiting with Maia Naveriani, a Georgian artist based in London. The exhibition of graphic works is called I Like The Design Of My Pain and draws on connections between pain and imagination, lived experience and fantasy. Strangely striking and calming at the same time, these figurative artworks juxtapose worlds of innocence and experience.

Maya Sumbadze (1972, Tbilisi) studied in Tbilisi and Amsterdam graduating in 1997. She has worked in multimedia since 1993 including performing vocals. She has exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Washington, Amsterdam, Prague, Istanbul and Georgia. Since 2004 she has worked as a graphic artist exhibiting in Europe. Download a pdf of Maya's CV here and here is her website cARTveli

The exhibition at Riverside is being sponsored by the cARTveli group established to promote Georgian artists on the international art scene. 

Lucky Village 1993Marina Tsitsishvili is the producer of Prêt à Vivre - Ready to Live, the opening film in the 3rd London BGS Georgian Film Festival, and will join the Q & A after the screening on Thursday 26th September at 6.30pm at Riverside Studios. She will also join the panel for the discussion on Women In Georgian Cinema on Sunday 29th September at 2.30pm.

Marina Tsitsishvili is a former manager of the Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theatre and is President of the English Speaking Union in Georgia. She is picture with Giorgi Levashov-Tumanishvili and Tim Pigott-Smith on the set of Lucky Village 1993.